Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Akihabara Winter Wonderland

 I wasn't able to get much photographs from that night so I had to jack a lot from my cutie friend Mika Tiffany♥! Any professional looking photos are from the awesome photographers and taken from Cherry-Jelly Production's facebook page!! We both attended an awesome cosplay event hosted by Risa, one of the owners of Cherry-Jelly Productions. As all of the other events, this one was held at Royal-T Cafe and I saw many amazing Cosplays!! There was a live band playing, great winter themed cosplay fashion show and of course a cosplay contest! Can anyone guess who I was?? *I'll tell you the answer at the end ^-^*

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Shibuyala 2012 Winter Commercial & Behind the Scenes

Hello everyone~I just wanted to share a commercial that I helped film for Shibuyala clothing store in San Gabriel. They sell many Japanese brand clothing and I felt happy to help them out! It was really fun but super tiring!! I believe this took us an entire day plus another day to film the second part. Here is the commercial and just a few pics I managed to take with my cell phone from behind the scenes ^-^!!


So we filmed this at a girl's house and her house was crazy!! Or more like her super pink room and how she has a separate room that she uses as a closet! Then for her own small closet within her room, she uses that for her dog's outfits. It's super crazy!!

The super pink bed

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Monday, January 23, 2012

Boring Random Bits of My Winter =3

I didn't want to stuff my other posts with these photos of randomness so I'll just share them now~ take a quick peek if interested~If not...feel free to skip this random post =3


Friday, January 20, 2012

Rune Boutique♥

Rune Boutique and Doki Doki 6% came to the United States for a free event at Royal-T Cafe in early December and of course I HAD TO ATTEND!!! Not only that Kyary Pamyu Pamyu even came too!

I had trouble thinking of what to wear, so me and my friend just threw an outfit together last minute! Sadly you can't see what my friend was wearing due to her jacket =_=. Anyways today's post is just photographs from the event. I wasn't able to take that many photos so hopefully the video at the end gives a take on the fashion show, performance, and the event itself. Enjoy!!!

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Monday, January 16, 2012

December Outdoor Photo Shoot♥

Peek-a-boo~I see youuu~~
     Ever since my last photo shoot with Shibuyala, this time I was offered a chance to be the model for a group of photographers in learning. There was an outdoor event at Cerritos Sculpture Garden and Library, that was meant to be a learning experience for all those photographers, or another way to build up their profile.

I couldn't have been feeling worst, the night before I went to a Christmas gathering and because the freeways were all closed, I got lost really badly for 2 hours on my way home. I ended up crying on the roadside =__="...and thank god my best friend's boyfriend saw my cry for help on facebook and had her call me to rescue me. It's funny, I had a gps and I still managed to get lost. I also had internet access but I couldn't find a way back home..LAME.

Aside from all that, I was quite sick and it was a bit embarrassing. The makeup artist's mom even cooked for me so I could take my medicine before I ran out in the cold and posed almost non-stop for about 2-3 hours!

Overall, it was a very interesting experience! The next day I even felt sore in my arms and legs from the poses! Below are some of the photos taken, whether behind the scene or the actual photos. They aren't in any specific order but enjoy for those who are interested!

Makeup time!

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Friday, January 13, 2012

Shibuyala Photo Shoot, Japan Up Magazine, & Endless November Days♥

    I have finished sharing most of the important events from October, now I shall move onto once again, an eventful month! This month started with a surprises & ended with never ending excitement!
Behind the scenes!

     I was able to participate in my first legit series of photo shoots! I had my hair and makeup done with Shibuyala Clothing Store as a sponsor for clothes! I was able to meet the owner Elly and had a chance to try on all the wonderful clothing! Even though I wasn't too fond of the hair and makeup, since it was a completely different look that I wasn't use to, but never the less, I had a ton of fun!

   Then as the month went on, my manager from my new job asked me to represent the restaurant by being the cover of Japan Up magazine for the December issue, which is circulated all over Los Angeles!!! I was thrilled and happy to help out!

Look! It's me =D!! I look kind of chinky but it's okai =]

   Overall, the rest of the month was so eventful and I felt like I never had free time! I'm happy to share it all with you finally! Below are a series of photographs from behind the scenes to the actual photos and of course other photos from November. Enjoy!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Seven Sins Halloween

   Before Halloween arrived, my friends decided to each choose one of the sins and have that as our costume. Of course before our get together, my besty and I decided to have a photo shoot of our outfits!
   I decided to portray Avarice (Greed) and she portrayed Wrath. Super fun to dress up and play around with our face =D hohoho♥ Then later on that day we ended up going to Round 1 for a Rilakkuma Halloween Party!

There isn't much I can really say besides prepare for a blast of photos from the photo shoot and a few from the Rilakkuma party~~ Keep viewing for photos ^-^ I'll try my best to limit the amount I post!!

I kind of look like a yellow cupcake ^o^

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